About Two Punk Racing 2

Two Punk Racing 2 is an exciting sequel to the popular racing game that takes the thrill of street racing to a whole new level. Developed with innovation and creativity in mind, this game offers players an immersive and action-packed experience that will keep them on the edge of their seats.

The game features a wide range of customizable vehicles, each with its own unique characteristics and upgrades, allowing players to create their ultimate racing machine.

Players can choose from various game modes, including circuit races, time trials, and even police chases, adding an extra layer of excitement and challenge.

Players can personalize their vehicles with a wide range of paint jobs, decals, and accessories, allowing them to create a unique and eye-catching ride. Additionally, the game offers a comprehensive tuning system, enabling players to fine-tune their vehicles' performance to gain an edge in races.


Get ready to rev your engines, push your limits, and dominate the streets in Two Punk Racing 2.

How to play

Player 1:

Nitro: N.
Look Back: B.

Player 2:

Move: W,A,S,D.
Nitro: T.
Look Back: C.

Level Restart: R.

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