About Tanuki Sunset

Tanuki Sunset is a fun, arcade-style longboarding game starring a radical, thrill-seeking raccoon.

In this game, players will take on the role of a Tanuki fox (an animal in Japanese mythology) and drive on the beautiful streets of the city.

The game has unique 2D graphics and vibrant music, creating a very special game space.

In Tanuki Sunset, you will have to overcome challenges, avoid obstacles and collect items along the way to get the highest score.

You can drift through corners, jump over objects and experience the exciting feeling of speed.

How to play

Xbox Controller:

Left Stick Sideways - Movement.
Left Stick Up - Speed Stance (Hold).
Left Stick Down - 180 Slide.
A Button or RB Button - Drift.
Start Button - Pause.

Controls - Keyboard:

'A' and 'D' or 'Left' and 'Right' Keys - Movement.
'W' Key - Speed Stance (Hold).
'S' Key - 180 Slide.
Space - Drift.
Escape - Pause.

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