About Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters is a driving and racing simulation game. Drift in the City, Touge or Track. One of the most popular free online games and very popular with the player community.

In the game you will get 26 episodes and tons of game options with this game.
You can collect coins in endless game mode and challenge your friends.

With the coins you collect in the endless game mode, you can open beautiful new cars for drifting.
Enjoy the drift.

Now you can play Drift Hunters in any country!

How to play

Left and right arrow keys: Move the vehicle left or right.
Up and down arrow keys: Increase or decrease the vehicle's speed.
Space key: Used to balance the vehicle on two wheels during drifting.

T v key (T or V): Switches the driver's view (first) to the rear view (third) and vice versa.
Key h (H): Show or hide the map.
Key f (F): Activate or deactivate headlights.
Key c (C): Change camera angle.
R key (R): Reset the vehicle's position if you get stuck or overturned.
Key x (X): Activate or deactivate the car horn.

 Have fun!

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